Approaching from the west, your first glimpse of Bosham will be of Holy Trinity Church spire, on the horizon above a stretch of corn fields and harbour marshes. This village comprises of Bosham and Old Bosham, both beautiful, but the real flare is by the waters edge in the heart of Old Bosham. Here you’ll weave through a clutter of cottages towards the water lapping the stone walls where you’ll see dinghies and kayaks all year round. Take the sea road back into the vestiges of the village but beware, this road floods at high tide and many tourists have lost a parked car to the ‘Bosham Car Wash’. At a high spring tide swans and ducks will waddle right across the main road. It’s a wonderfully Bosham-esque quirk.

History of Bosham

Holy Trinity Church in the heart of Old Bosham dates back to the Saxon era. It’s said that legend of King Canut arose here where he set his throne upon the shore and commanded the incoming tide to halt and not wet his feet. Of course, the tide could not be stopped and King Canute, with sodden robes, turned to his men and saluted the almighty exclaiming, ‘Let all men know how empty and worthless is the power of kings, for there is none worthy of the name, but He whom heaven, earth, and sea obey by eternal laws.’ King Canute’s young daughter was buried in the church in 1020 after slipping into the Millstream and drowning.

There is an old tale of pirates who sailed into Bosham and stole the Tenor bell from the church. During the escape back down the Bosham channel, the bell fell through the boat and sunk into ‘Bell Hole’. In light airs, it still rings beneath the water in time with the church bells.

Samaritans of Bosham gave aid to the people of Chichester barred behind the closed city gates after an outbreak during the plague of 1664. Food was brought to Chichester by locals from the village, and in return Bosham tradesmen were later allowed to sell their goods in Chichester without a hawker’s license.

What to do in Bosham?

Bosham is simply a place to walk and wonder. Its oldness and crooked beauty is really a sight to be marveled at. The rural road skirting the water’s edge bends one kilometer in a horseshoe and runs alongside big beautiful properties which only add to the beautiful route. Chichester Harbour is an area of outstanding natural beauty and is obviously fantastic to explore by boat (many locals/companies offer tours or boat hire). Bosham Channel is another busy little leg of it and perfect for a paddle around in a kayak or paddle board.

Sunset on Bosham Harbour

Where to eat in Bosham?

Anchor Bleu is the iconic pub in Old Bosham where you can eat al fresco beside the water on a calm evening, or be the first to sound the alarm on spotting another parked car going under the rising tide below the terrace. In main Bosham the Millstream Hotel is a lucrative award winning venue boasting two restaurants. The Crate Cafe is a small and intimate cafe in the heart of Bosham with a backdrop of the South Downs. This cafe will keep you topped up on tea and cakes and is dog friendly.

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