Popular Holiday Destinations in Sussex

Arundel Holiday Homes

Arundel Castle | Arundel Holiday Homes | Simple Getaway

Arundel, the quaint countryside town that is not short on heritage or stunning scenery. Arundel is not only full of tranquil cottages and gorgeous greenery, it is also home to Arundel Castle, gardens & Arundel Cathedral.

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Brighton Holiday Homes

Brighton South Laines | Brighton Holiday Homes | Simple Getaway

The City of Brighton is often referred to as eclectic, cosmopolitan, bohemian and ‘artsy’ and we could not agree more. Brighton has maintained its popular destination city status for many years drawing visitors from across the country.

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Chichester Holiday Homes

Chichester Shopping | Chichester Holiday Homes | Simple Getaway

Often mentioned as one of the sunniest cities in the UK, the city of Chichester is full of history and charm and a place definitely worth exploring on a visit to Sussex. Originally known as Noviomagus Reginorum, the City of Chichester dates back as far as Roman times, over 1900 years ago. Much of its Roman heritage can be seen on a visit to Chichester.

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Goodwood Holiday Homes

Goodwood Racecourse | Chichester Holiday Homes | Simple Getaway

When you think of an estate you’re likely to picture an impressively large home, surrounded by fields upon fields of beautiful countryside. A tranquil and peaceful place, typically only available to the public to view from a distance. Usually you would be right, but not when talking about Goodwood Estate. Goodwood Estate is very very different and in the best way possible.

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