Holiday Home Technology

We use technology in our holiday lets to keep things running smoothly and safely throughout the year. At Simple Getaway, we are constantly searching for the latest technology to streamline your holiday let and make it safer and more efficient for you and your guests enjoyment. Below are a few of the technologies that we make available for our owners, some of which are included when you list your holiday let with us. Give us a call to find out more!

Smart Locks

Smart Locks are by far, one of the most useful technologies on the market for holiday lets. Having a Smart Lock installed at your holiday let will be well worth it and here is why. 

Guest Safety

Above all, is safety. Smart locks are the market leader in safety, both for holiday lets and for your own home. The system can automatically generate unique codes for guests to use which only work from the time of check in, and will cease working once a guest checks out. 

Owner Safety

Smart Locks remove the necessity of a physical key. Your guests will be able to arrive at the property any time after check-in, key in a code, and let themselves inside. This removes the chances of losing a key and having to change out the locks at your property, or re-cut new keys. With Smart Locks, this simply isn’t a problem. Furthermore, Smart Locks have the ability to keep a log of which codes are used to arrive and leave from your holiday let at any given time, just in case of any issues. 

Maintenance and Cleaning Teams

This technology allows us to generate unique codes for cleaning and maintenance teams to enter your holiday let. If these team members stop working with us, we can simply delete their access codes and they will no longer be able to access the property. 

Owner Guests

If you have your own guests staying at the property, either give them your own master code (at your discretion), or we can generate an additional code for them. 

Smart Tablets

Our holiday lets each offer tablets for guests to use. These tablets contain information on your home and how to operate appliances, sofa beds, heating etc. They can also provide guests with wifi codes and recommendations on local sites, activities and restaurant recommendations so they can be well equipped with things to do from a locals perspective. 

If you have any information you’d like to add on your specific property, we can add that into the tablet and provide it for guest use! 

Smart Lighting

Switch on

Smart Lighting is a great way of adding smart home technology to your home at a lower price. Using smart lighting in our holiday lets, we are able to remotely turn on lights if your guests arrive in the evening so that they arrive at a modestly lit home. In addition, if your property is left vacant for a longer stretch of time, we are able to periodically turn on the lights to protect your holiday let from any potential break ins. 

Switch off

We can both switch on and switch off the lights in your holiday let remotely should a guest leave them on. This ultimately reduces the energy costs in your holiday let and ensures you have no unnecessary costs. Smart lights have advantages in safety and costs making them well worth their initial investment!

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