Rental Property Technology & Software

Free technology added to your property when you join us 

At Simple Getaway, we’re always on the lookout for the latest technology to streamline your holiday let. We will install any gadgets or technology upgrades to ensure your property runs smoothly and is as secure as possible. 

Here are just some of the latest technologies we can integrate into your properties, some of which are included when you list your holiday let with us. Give us a call to find out more!

Smart Locks

Smart Locks are by far, one of the most useful technologies on the market for holiday lets. They are the safest and most reliable method of securing your property for both guests and owners. Some of the benefits of using smart locks include:

Efficient & cost-effective
Smart locks remove the need for physical keys, removing any chance of keys being lost, having to change the locks, or re-cutting new keys. This saves time, hassle and money.

Simple and more secure
Automatically generates unique codes for each guest check-in, denying access once the guest checks out. Your guests can arrive any time after check-in, enter their code, and let themselves in. It’s that simple!

Smart Locks also keep a log of which codes are used to enter and exit your property, in case of any issues.

Adaptable to suit your needs
They also create unique codes for cleaning and maintenance teams, giving them access to the property which can be retracted once they stop working on your property. If you have your own guests staying at the property, either give them your own master code (at your discretion), or we can generate an additional code for them.

Want some expert insights into smart locks? Read our MD’s Sophie’s interview with RemoteLock and learn more about her approach to smart security and property management efficiency.

Smart Tablets

Our holiday lets offer smart tablets for guests to use. These tablets contain information including: 

  • Instructions on how to operate appliances in your home
  • Wifi codes
  • Recommendations for local activities, restaurants and more
  • We can also customise your tablets to add any additional information that you wish to make your guests aware of!