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Reasons to Switch Property Managers?

People may have a holiday let to use as a second home or as a property to utilise as a financial investment renting to guests. Either way, you may use a property management company. Property management companies can do anything from just checking in once a month to full service management, taking care of bookings,... Read more »
How to rent out your home as a holiday let as you travel

How to rent out your home as a holiday let as you travel

Websites like Airbnb, VRBO and have made it increasingly easy to rent out your home and be flexible with the dates.
Interview with Luxury Simplified Retreats

Interview with Luxury Simplified Retreats – Our US holiday let allies!

An Interview with Luxury Simplified Retreats, our US holiday let allies from across the pond. Read more today!
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Things to Consider When Starting a Holiday Let

How Do You Manage a Holiday Let? There are a few reasons why you may decide to purchase and start a holiday let. Perhaps it is a second home for you to enjoy with your friends and family, perhaps it was purchased as an investment project, or maybe you want to shift gears and transfer... Read more »
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What to Ask When Considering a Holiday Letting Company

Managing a holiday let can be a very time consuming process. Sometimes people buy a holiday let and immediately put the management in the hands of a holiday letting company. Other times, people manage their own holiday let and then switch to holiday letting company to take on the work after experiencing the strain of... Read more »
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Benefits of Using a Holiday Let Management Company

We are asked many questions by our property owners before listing their property with us. As expected, many questions revolve around the financial aspect and, ‘what do Airbnb managers charge?’. It is an important question and may be the pivoting point between whether or not to choose a property management company for your holiday home.... Read more »
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The Sussex Trug

Sussex is home to many historical sites and natural beauty. From the Roman Palace and Gardens in Fishbourne, to the medieval castle in Lewes, to the long stretch of the wildlife of the South Downs, there is plenty to talk about when immersing yourself in Sussex history. Less widely known, are the stories of some... Read more »
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Insurance for Holiday Lets

The holiday let industry is a newer phenomenon in the UK. It has gained momentum over recent years due to the ease of renting your home through outlets such as Airbnb, Homeaway, and many more. As a property manager of holiday lets, we are often asked what is required before renting out a home.... Read more »
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What to Provide in Your Holiday Let

Setting up your holiday let can be both exciting and stressful. Often people ask what they need to provide in a rental before it is ready to market it. Here we outline those items that are absolute must-haves, along with those that are not essential but certainly good to include too! Your holiday let acts... Read more »