Bracklesham is like a quiet outpost for old-time surfers and wild wind lovers. It’s a place of few distractions suited to these sea sentinels who watch for white horses on the waves and grab a board, or kite, or sail when they come. A laissez-faire slant on life’s responsibilities is fairly usual in the un-abrasive beachy community of Bracklesham. It’s not a place of material luxury. It’s a place for relaxation and simplicity.

Bracklsham bay


Bracklesham bay attracts fossil hunters year round. Fossil bearing clay offshore is eroded by turbulent winter seas and strong tides, freeing 47 million-year-old Eocene-era treasures which work their way to shore. Tens of thousands of ancient shark and ray teeth, gastropods and more are found in the sand at low tide each year. Using a trowel or stick and a keen eye you’ll find many. With a scuba kit, you’ll even find the remains of a WWII tank sunken during landing trials on the beach.

The Rolling Stones aren’t only a shore performance, the band also had a home here well known for reckless partying. Famously, Mick Jagger and Marianne Faithful were once whipped from their residence and marched to Chichester Crown Court to be charged. Many Celebrities are still located here and are well-known to locals.

Food & Drink

If you’re wondering where to eat in Bracklesham, you can’t come to Bracklesham and not dine in ‘Billy’s on the Beach’. The iconic cafe/restaurant is great for foodies, dog walkers and sun seekers alike. It’s on the beach, vibrantly popular and delightful.

Further up the road, you can stop in the quaint thatched-roof ‘Bracklesham Bay Tearooms’ for traditional English Tea and Cake. The newly opened ‘GOAT Coffee’ is also by the beach and offers warm Quiches, flaky Pastries and mighty fine hot Coffee for cold hands in winter.

What to do in Bracklesham?

In summer, visit West Wittering sands (AONB) 5 minutes down the road. This mile-long sand spit on the edge of Chichester Harbour is a gift from the tides. The sheltered bay behind the dunes often has up to 50 small motor boats and yachts anchored in clear shallow water here in fine weather. You will feel abroad. This place brims with summer spirit.

Sandy beach in West Wittering

The Roman city of Chichester 15 minutes away is well respected for its history, marked centrally by the beautiful Chichester Cathedral and gardens. You’ll be very pleased with yourself if you drive the scenic route from Bracklesham and visit Birdham pool, Chichester Marina or other quaint waterside villages on the way.

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